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The Old Brickworks Ring Kiln from 1870 at Nivaagaard Brickfield, Nivaa, Denmark

EnvironmentPosted by Quest Tue, April 03, 2018 19:54:07

The brickworks ring kiln from 1870 at Nivaagaard Brickfield (Nivågaard Teglværk) in Nivaa, about 34 km north of Copenhagen and 14 km south of Elsinore.
This Hoffmann kiln was an epoch-making and energy-saving invention at that time with fire moving in the ring and reuse of the heat, now a listed building and museum, and the last existing kiln of its kind in Denmark.
Due to the first-rate quality of the local moraine clay and the easy transport by sea to Copenhagen and other locations along the coast, these brickfields played an important role for hundreds of years. Production started in 1701 and stopped in 1980 - and during that time under several owners.
This specific ring kiln stopped production in 1967. The area is full of historic signs from this era as well as a number of marlpits or clay pits, now deep lakes. Some are dangerous as steep slopes and banks can make it very difficult to get up again if you fall in.
The marlpits, or clay pits, have now become part of and enriched nature in this interesting area north of Copenhagen. Remnants of the tile and earthenware production, historic buildings and a wharf for the shipping can be found in the area. The salt meadow in the shallow Nivaa Bay is also a paradise for birdwatchers.
More information and hours for the museum can be found on the Internet, mostly in Danish. The interesting museum is somewhat underselling itself, f.inst. by not having a website in English - and limited hours. It is, however, run by keen volunteers. But do check the hours or organise your own guided tour, if you want to visit.

These video clips are available from Pond5

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